Going back to work after being a stay at home parent can be rough

So I’ve decided it’s time to reenter the workforce after being home with my kids for 10 years.  My children are getting older and I miss using my brain to make money.  There will always be work to do around the house and my kids will continue to need me, but I want to have something that is just mine.  So with that in mind I’m trying to put my resume together.  Now if you read my bio you already know that I’ve worked in many different fields, but the one that is going to help me the most right now is my recruiting experience.  I used to be the one who scrutinized resumes for a living.  Now I’m facing the daunting task of creating mine for the first time in 10 years.  Yikes!

We used to look negatively upon women who stayed home with their children and supposedly lost their work skills.  Well I say let’s change that.  Just because I have worked at home doesn’t mean I can’t hack it in the workplace.  I had a career for 8 years before I started a family and I didn’t have to manage as much stress and workload as I did when I was home with my kids.  So let me just tell you, future employers, why you would be lucky to have me or any mom or dad like me!

I am a great multitasker and can hustle.  Can you listen to two kids talk at once while making a great meal from scratch?  Can you do laundry and clean dishes while keeping kids safe in the house all day?  Can you help with homework, prepare snacks and chauffeur them around to their activities with all the necessary items they need for the day? I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’m really good at keeping all of these things in check.  My kids are happy and healthy and doing well in life, my husband goes to work every day and does his thing and my house is usually very clean.  I still manage to go out with my friends, have play dates, see family and host parties.  The reason things are going well in my household is because I give 110% and I’m very good at planning and organizing everything.  I’m constantly learning new ways to make our house function more efficiently so we can enjoy life.

Once I have completed my resume I just hope employers will give it a once over.  I know I can jump right back into the work world, but I have to dazzle them to even be considered for a job.  It’s a shame that hiring managers still might think this way.  I hope this stigma changes soon.

I’d love to hear your thought on this post.  Please share any relevant stories or advice!


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7 thoughts on “Going back to work after being a stay at home parent can be rough

  1. Really enjoyed this post. I agree that employers shouldn’t ignore the many skills that a stay at home mom executive has to offer. It’s a very tough job to raise healthy, happy and successful children, to run a busy life business & to maintain relationships with family & friends. Just writing this list reminds me how difficult the job is. Any employer would be fortunate to have you.

    1. Hey thanks. I’d love to see how men would be treated in this situation. Do you think employers would take them seriously ?

  2. I really enjoyed this latest post. I never had children, but I spent 32 years in an elementary classroom, which in some ways requires the same skills. I have also observed, in my own family and among friends, what a tough job it is to be a mom, raising healthy, happy children, who go on to become successful, productive adults. Stay at home moms have the very skills that most employers want/need. You articulated these skills very well, and I am sure some lucky employer will be more than happy to hire you!

  3. It’s hard to not get lost in the applicant tracking systems out there. A wise blog author once told me to, “Bug the crap out of them!”. It just so happens that it works!

    P.S. Shifting the employer mindset is crucial. The new standard should be: if you can stay home and enrich your kids with everything that sets them up to succeed in school, all while managing a household, you’re pre-qualified for just about anything.

    1. Hey John I appreciate your comment. I will “bug the crap out of them.” I love this idea of shifting the employers’ mindset. Stay at home parents kick ass and take names. We’re more than qualified to handle the workplace!

  4. Hello Annie, I have been a SAHM for 6 years and I am sooooo interested in studying the employability of SAHP. I am changing my CV too and posted my recommendation on my blog. Can you please send me your CV? I d love to know how your search is going if you found a job did you have an interview? what obstacles and positives you came accross? I am soo looking forward to hear from you. best of luck x


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