Do you have food issues?

I don’t know about you, but I have an issue with food. My issue is knowing what’s ok to eat and what’s not. It seems like there’s a new study out every day that says what is healthy and what will kill us. I struggle with what the hell is left to eat and what I can cook for my family!

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first child I worried about what I put in my body. This was the beginning of our organic lifestyle. Now after having two kids I am concerned even more. I’m always trying to find the healthiest food to feed to my family. Also, kids don’t always cooperate with the choices you make. For example, “I don’t like tomatoes” or “why can’t I have a hot dog?”

It’s tough deciding what to eat each day. The experts have always said to limit the amount of salt, sugar and fat you eat. That is not easy when you have a busy life, but ok we can do that. Then they tell us no artificial anything, limit the processed food you eat, become a vegetarian or a vegan. Holy shit! What’s left?

Then I snap out of it and think, I’m doing the best I can to limit these “bad” things and moderation is good. Still it’s not easy getting kids to eat healthy things on a regular basis. I splurge and I let them splurge at parties and gatherings, but for the most part I pay attention to the research and stay away from most “bad” foods. I do miss bacon and pepperoni though. Thanks World Health Organization for that. Also, I’m really pissed that alcohol can cause cancer. How am I supposed to relax about all of these food restrictions if I can’t drink? GRRRRRRR

So tell me about your healthy eating habits. Do you have the same issue with food in your home? Feel free to share information and recipes with me. Help, please!!!