It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I have written in my blog.  I have had a lot on my plate the last 2 years.  First, we decided to move across town and then the pandemic hit.  The move was difficult for my girls and they required a lot of attention.  Then we decided to keep them home instead of returning to school after Covid struck.   So, I didn’t have much time for my career.  That all changes now.

When we decided to move we did it mostly ourselves.  We had a realtor find our new house, but we managed the sale of our old one.  I don’t recommend this unless you have a lot of time on your hands and want to test your marriage.  The stress of wondering whether your house will sell or if you will find a new one is almost unimaginable.  I staged our house and took pictures.  This part was enjoyable, but showing the house ourselves wasn’t. The biggest stressor was deciding on the list price and negotiating with multiple bidders. Realtors really earn their commission at this stage of the game!  Once the house was sold and the moving date was settled the mental stress was over.  However, the emotional and physical pain had just begun.

We only moved across town, but this meant that my kids were changing schools.  It was extremely sad to leave the school my children had gone to for years.  The staff and our friends made us cry repeatedly with their well wishes.  This took a toll on my older daughter.  She was also entering a very emotional stage in her life: adolescence.  She didn’t want to leave the house she grew up in, the school she called home and all of her friends and neighbors.  As a mother I was truly concerned with how to help her through this terrible transition. 

In the middle of selling our house, saying goodbye to our beloved school family, and normal life (work, school, Sunday school and swim team) we also had to pack up our house of 13 years.  Who needs sleep, right?  When moving day finally arrived we hugged our awesome neighbors goodbye and waved at our house for the last time.  The girls cried all the way to our new house.  This made me question our decision to move in the first place. 

Once we cleaned and unpacked at the new house we soon realized that things were going to get better.  The only hurdle left was starting school.  My youngest daughter was fine because she doesn’t worry a lot and was excited to make new friends, but my older daughter was starting middle school.  She made friends and seemed to figure out the school very easily, but the homework in conjunction with swimming was too much for her.  She physically had a rough time and her age and emotions didn’t help the situation. Our days were filled with tears and our nights were sleepless.  I was committed to seeing her through this tough time. 

We persevered and the girls started getting used to their new home and schools.  That is until last March when the world shut down.  Luckily for them I was home and could help them manage the wide range of problems and issues.  First there was the internet, then it was how to do schoolwork without live instruction from a teacher.  I kicked into high gear and ordered books and school subscriptions online.  I was determined not to let my kids fall behind with their education. 

So from early 2019 until now I took on the jobs of realtor, mover, housekeeper, interior decorator, gardener, teacher and mental health professional.  This was in addition to my usual job titles of wife, mother, chauffeur, cook and life coordinator.  I love being there for my family, but that was a lot to handle.  Now it’s my time.   My kids have learned to be more responsible for themselves and our house is more or less settled.