Sad to see the holidays end???


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I always feel so rushed and stressed before the holidays that I don’t get to thoroughly enjoy all of the decorations my family puts up.  After we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve I always insist that we lay under the Christmas tree a few more times before we take it all down.  My family gets sad, just like me, when we have to put it all away until next year.

How many of you out there are sad to take your decorations down too?  I know some people love to get it over with and go back to normal.

6 thoughts on “Sad to see the holidays end???

  1. I love Christmas and all the decorations, family time, food, and joy that go with it! It is stressful, and that stress can be difficult to deal with. All that work, and it’s over in a flash! Maybe that’s why I leave my decorations up long after Christmas. I can relax and just enjoy the beauty of the season! The house always looks so blah when it all gets put away!

    1. I love it all too Jan. It’s sad to see it all go. My house needs something to make it look pretty again. Also, it’s hard work to get all of the decorations down. I told my kids the other day that it’s time to decorate for Valentine’s Day!

  2. It is a state of mind of being in the holiday season so I don’t mind when they get put away. You could always leave the decorations up if you want to keep feeling the joy from it. I just like being around family and friends whether that be during holidays or non-holidays. That is what truly matters to me throughout the year and I enjoy every minute of it. That is until I pass out, ha!

    1. Thanks for the comment P. I agree with you about spending time with family and friends. It’s awesome anytime of year, but I love holiday time. I feel like people are nicer to each other and people are cheery because of the music and decorations and parties.

  3. Ok so my decorations are down and we sucked up every last minute of them before we packed them all up. It was nice and very time consuming. Now my walls look neutral and bare and our noses are still stuffy from all of the dust, lol Packing up decorations stirs it all up. So I bought pretty flowers this week to brighten our spirits and hopefully soon the tote with all of the Valentine’s stuff will be out. Bring on the love!

  4. We leave the tree up way longer than necessary. Partly due to the ambiance it adds to the room and partly due to the fact that it is such a pain in the rear to put up in the first place. The stubbornness adds to the justification. Our tree will come down this weekend (maybe).


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