What would you do if you won the lottery?

u s dollar bills pin down on the ground
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This week someone won $1.6 billion with a single mega millions ticket.  How incredible!!!  What could you possibly do with all of that money?  Well the other night while lying in bed I thought about it.  I’ll tell you the specifics, but I’d love to hear what you would do with your winnings.

First, I would get a financial planner and attorney and then I would pay off my debt and put tons away for retirement and college funds.  Always do the boring, responsible stuff first then have some fun.  For fun I would buy a new house in my current location and one in California, Hawaii and the French Riviera.  I would enjoy decorating every inch of these houses with beautiful things, like a huge lap pool.  Next, I would go car shopping.  Where is the nearest Porsche dealer?  How about we throw some travel in there!  I think a lengthy trip to Hawaii with a long layover in California sounds nice, don’t you?  After recovering from that trip I think I would head to Europe for a month.  I’ve always wanted to sample their food and wine and see all the beautiful sites in each country.

Next, I would show up at each family member’s house with a fat check.  I’d love to see their faces when they get it.  Also, I would definitely have to buy tons of toys for my kids and nieces and nephews.  It would be like playing Santa for a day.  How fun!!!!

Finally, I have always wanted to open a center for the homeless.  My facility would be totally secure thanks to armed guards and metal detectors.  We would have food, shelter, clothing and many other services.  For instance, I would love to have doctors, nurses, nutritionists, psychiatrists and social workers to help people get back on their feet.  We could also provide recruiters and vocational specialists to help people get jobs they could keep.  I would form relationships with local schools to help people get an education, if needed, and have realtors locate homes they can afford.

My center for the homeless would be colorful and bright.  I could see myself planting a vegetable garden.  Our crops could be used to make meals for our residents.  We would have flowers and fountains everywhere.  It would be a bright and cheery place where people could feel happy and safe.  My facility would be totally free and open to all who need it.  I could really make a difference in the lives of many.  Then maybe I could teach other people how to duplicate my vision.

What would you do if you won the big bucks?  Please share in the comment section below.

10 thoughts on “What would you do if you won the lottery?

  1. Very cool! I would but a vineyard with and build a beautiful hotel on it for all my family and friends to stay. I would also donate a good portion in a sustainable way. Last but not least, I would probably build a pool to host large competitions. I need to get excited about some team where I live!

  2. I would share with my family and friends, pay off any debt I have, take some trips I’ve been meaning to take, and donate to organizations I believe in. At my age, I could never spend it all, so I feel it would be best to share with as many people and organizations as possible.

  3. I would also share much of it with family, but I would also travel the world to see all the places I’ve only seen in pictures or movies. But I like your thought of a shelter for the homeless with all of the amenities you have suggested, especially the education to get them started on a new life. I would either contribute to your shelter if I only won a couple of million or I would start the shelter in your name if I won the “BIG” one. A very generous thought on your part.

  4. Wow! What a wonderful plan you have. I too would pay off any debt that I have and travel a bit. After that I agree with you, I would give my family members as much as they needed and more. It would be great to make their lives comfortable and happy. Next I would give money to as many charities & good causes as possible. I have always felt that I haven’t been able to give enough money to all the needy people in the world. At this point, I also would like to donate to the candidates for public office that I believe truly care about the average American instead of the rich.
    Great subject Annie.

  5. In the last year my children and I have been driving the same route to one of their activities every week. We always see a homeless man with a sign asking for money. The spot he picked is usually in a place where we can’t hand anything out the window to him. We are momentarily sad every time we see him and wish we could do more. This fall we decided we needed to figure out how to give him something to ease his pain. We bought a big hooded sweatshirt and brought it with us in the car each week. About a month ago my one daughter and I finally had an opportunity to pull over and give him the sweatshirt. He was so grateful and happy but I think he made our day more than his. I cried to myself while driving and my daughter said, “Mom I know why you are quiet. You’re crying happy tears.” She was right. I hope I taught her a valuable lesson. We look for him every week and when we don’t see him we always say “I think he found a shelter or a job.”

  6. What a great story and example to set for your children. I wish more people were as giving and compassionate as you are. Thanks for sharing a feel good story.


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